Installation problem with WinXX and WIN2000

The problem occurs only when installing "9A-CRO Dictionary on a computer running Win95B, Win98 & WinME or WIN2000 operating system.
To overcome this problem, please follow next procedure:

1. Download either patch file HRSETUP.ZIP (22.5kb) or (HRSETUP.EXE  - 24.4 kb)

2. Extract it on a first installation disk (DISK 1)
   When message "Confirm File Overwrite" occurs press "YES"

3. Run installation program from command prompt (START->RUN)  a:\hrsetup.exe  /allow_os_select
(don't forget space between ...EXE and /ALLOW_OS_SELECT!)

4. Select Operating System "Windows NT", even though you have Win95B,Win98, WinME or WIN2000.

NOTE: STEPS 1 and 2 are necessary only for the customers who bought 9A_CRO Dictionary before July 20, 2000.

Problem instalacije rječnika na WinXX and WIN2000

Problem se pojavljuje samo pri instalaciji rječnika na računala s instaliranim Windows95B, Windows98, WinME i WIN2000
operativnim sistemom (OS). Pri instalaciji rječnika na gore navedene operativne sisteme slijedite slijedeću proceduru:

1. Usnimi te si popravku  HRSETUP.ZIP (22.5kb) ili (HRSETUP.EXE  - 24.4 kb)

2. Kopirajte gore naveden datoteke na prvi instalacijski disk (DISK 1)
    Kad se pojavi poruka "Confirm File Overwrite" odaberite "YES" opciju

3. Pokrenite instalacijski program (START->RUN)  a:\hrsetup.exe  /allow_os_select
(nezaboravite razmak između  ...EXE and /ALLOW_OS_SELECT...!!)

4. Odaberite "Windows NT", kao ciljani OS bez obzira što instalirate rječnik na Win95B, Win98 ili WinME OS.

Upustva pod točkama 1 i 2 vrijede samo za kupce koji su kupili rječnik prije 20 Srpnja 2000.